Debris and missiles which were thrown by loyalists at police in Belfast's Royal Avenue last Friday night

Debris and missiles which were thrown by loyalists at police in Belfast’s Royal Avenue last Friday night

THE Parades Commission has imposed a number of restrictions on a further republican march through Belfast in ten days time.

The march – consisting of 500 people and seven bands – will march through north Belfast on Sunday, August 25 between 3 pm and 6 pm.

In its determination, the Commission has ruled that the march by the Henry Joy McCracken Flute Band will not pass by the Clifton Street area when it takes to the streets later this month.

It has also ruled the parade will not march beyond the junction of Victoria Parade and North Queen Street, instead passing through Victoria Parade, Carlisle Road and Henry Place.

Last Friday, violence erupted in Royal Avenue after loyalist protestors blocked an anti-internment parade through the main city centre thoroughfare.

A total of 58 people officers were injured when they came under attack with metal gratings, fireworks, rocks, golf balls and smoke bombs.

One officer was knocked unconscious after he was struck in the neck with a metal grating.

On August 25, protest groups to the parade, the Greater Concerned Residents Group Belfast and the Concerned Residents Group Shankill Belfast, will be allowed to take part in the demonstration from the junction of Clifton Street and North Queen Street.

During a similar parade last September, serious violence erupted as police tried to keep loyalists and republicans apart.

It resulted in over 50 officers being injured and scores of people arrested over the violence.

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